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Three Sisters Winery

I was very fortunate to be able to work with Three Sisters Winery for 2 years in a row and to post on their social media from spring to fall, and do tasks on their website.


The best kind of work allows you to use your creative side! Which is what Three Sisters Winery allowed me to do with their social media. They gave full reins over to me and I posted daily to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Instagram has to be one of my favourite social media platforms to post on. I was able to drive around and take amazing pictures of vineyards, wineries, and wine. Yes, I also drank it after taking all the pictures! Best. Job. Ever!

Each one of their social media accounts gained followers and increased engagement. Especially their Instagram, which increased by 410 followers in the first 2 months. When I started it was at 335 and now it is at 2021 followers. Check out more of the Three Sisters Winery social media management info. What made me very happy was when their customers would come into their tasting room and comment on how much they enjoyed the Instagram account.

One lady even came into the tasting room and told Rebecca, the owner, that Three Sisters Winery was the only winery she follows on Instagram because she loves all the beautiful pictures. That was so nice to hear.

After working with Three Sisters Winery I have a deeper appreciation of the hard work and production that goes into making wine and keeping a winery running.




Along with managing their social media accounts, I also worked on the Three Sisters Winery Vin65 website. I added pages, deleted old pages, wrote all the content for the new pages, added recipes, and added and deleted products and inventory. I also wrote 4 blog posts on their website.

I had not previously worked on a Vin65 website before working with Three Sisters Winery. The back office was a bit confusing for the first week, but I quickly got used to it as I went along. I am proud to say I am now very comfortable working with Vin64 websites.


Check out the Winery Photos, which are the pictures I took for Three Sisters Winery’s social media.

To check out wonderful testimonies from my clients, including Three Sisters Winery, please wiz on over to the Praise page to read the recommendation letter Three Sisters Winery wrote about my work.

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