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Family Adventure Summit

I am very honored to be on the Family Adventure Summit team, working on their social media all year round since January 2019. I have attended every summit since it started in 2017 in Penticton BC.

The Family Adventure Summit is an in-person gathering of up to 400 inspiring people intent on living with purpose and adventure. It’s super fun, high energy, and family-focused event to celebrate family connection, life learning, long-term travel, community, creative living, and enjoying life to the fullest.

Update – With COVID the Family Adventure Summit has ended. It was amazing for the last 3 years with different locations in BC Canada, Mexico, and Bali. I am sad this position has ended and we won’t be able to see all our friends that come every year. Once 2020 is over I hope to find a new summit we can attend worldwide.

Here are there social media links to check out:





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