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Content Creation

I have done a lot of writing in the last 3 years. I first started out as a freelancer, writing different articles starting at $5 for a 300-word article. I worked hard to work my way up to be worth much more than that. 

I rarely write blog posts now, as I found my passion for social media content writing and posting.

Below I provide links to some of my blog posts and website pages.



Allure Banquet

I wrote the content for almost all the pages on this website. You can check out Allure Banquets website.

Pages I wrote are:
Home Page
About Page
Star Ballroom
Crystal Ballroom
Corporate Events
Social Events

Website Pages – Three Sisters Winery

I did some website work and content writing on the new pages Three Sisters Winery wanted. Below you can click on the recipes page I added, and the other pages.

Where To Find Us


iWriter is a freelance type website that people go to when they need articles written fast. The person writing looks through the list of available articles; picks one, writes it and then submits it to the person. The article is then rejected by the person or approved and you are paid. iWriter has a ranking system from Standard to Elite Plus. Each step you have to write a certain amount of 5 star approved articles to move on. I worked my way up to an Elite writer before I stopped writing on that website.

I wrote 70 articles approved and used by the clients. It feels really nice that I could help that many people with their content needs.


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