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I started working with Almost Fearless Magazine in May 2017 on a free internship program. The intern ended October 1st and I was offered the paid position of Social Media Manager. I worked until January 2018 when the magazine ended abruptly because of some personal situations in the owner’s life.

While I worked there I moved to different positions to learn many processes and manager roles. When we started another round of interns to train and teach in October, I helped train the social media interns. I also become the Customer Service Manager. I was overseeing my 3 social media interns and teaching them, as well as taking over the customer service email and support and implementing new processes as there was none, and the lady that was doing that job had to take a leave for a few weeks.

I moved our support email to Zendesk. It’s a great customer service system that gives tickets to the people who email and we can send messages and notes to team members in Zendesk so the emails are going to the right department, such as tech, partners, and of course support. This allowed us to track emails and respond quickly and solve each one. Zendesk has a macros feature where we can add simple answers to repeated customer questions with the click of a button. It saves a lot of time on the customer service end.

During my customer service training, I learned Ontraport. It was a huge program that is used as a database, memberships, subscriptions, WordPress members area access, email newsletters, and much more. I learned how to import and put in new subscribers, change address and membership information, and to add people to the WordPress members portal.

After I got customer service processes set up and running smoothly, and the 300 backlogged emails answered I was offered to move up once again. Christine offered me the position of Marketing and Sales Manager. In this position, I am still overseeing the social media work and interns, overseeing the new person doing customer support, and learning the marketing and sales position.

I have learned Salesforce, which we didn’t like during the free trial period so we have switched to a new CRM which we love, called Zoho sales CRM. It has many more features we were looking for while being more user-friendly for the average small company. We set up projects and also timesheet tracking and task lists to complete daily. 

I wrote sales pitch letters and we set up sales processes as we went. It was a lot of fun to learn so much in such a short time. I have to admit some days I work a lot more hours than I put on my timesheet just because I love to take the time to learn the new systems, programs, and processes.

I enjoyed working as a team with the editing, photography, and tech departments. As well as all of the new interns in each department. As part of my weekly task in my last position with Almost Fearless, I would host a company-wide meeting on Zoom every Thursday just to update the different departments about marketing and product deadlines, what’s happening with sales, upcoming plans, and how the company is doing in general. This gave staff and interns a chance to ask questions and offer advice or ideas. I sent out the meeting agenda in our Slack group the day before the meeting so everyone has a chance to read it. I also recorded the meetings and would post it on the General slack channel for everyone to watch who wasn’t able to make the meeting.


Experiences and skills I have gained from working with Almost Fearless Magazine

Social Media Management Experience
          Twitter, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Meet Edgar, Buffer, Tailwindapp

Training and teaching interns to work on social media platforms and our processes

Customer Service Management Experience
          Answering customer emails, Ontraport experience, setting up Macros, setting up customer service processes

Running Company Meetings
          Writing meeting agendas, starting zoom meetings and recording them

Learning Sales CRM Systems and Processes
         Salesforce, Zoho sales CRM

WordPress Yoast SEO Pro Version
         Set up the Yoast SEO on every post on the Almost Fearless website

Setting Up Marketing Editorial Calendar
          Make sure we are united throughout our social media, marketing campaigns, website articles, promotional material and monthly themes

I don’t think I can possibly remember all the other little things I was able to learn or experience during my time with Almost Fearless, but the above is a pretty good basic list of what I have done and gained experienced in the 8 months I was there.


Almost Fearless Social Media ManagerI wrote a portfolio just on some of the things I did as the Social Media Manager for Almost Fearless

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